This Week...



Monday, March 30


            As we prepare for the country’s now extended “hunker-down” to the end of April, the status of church, open or closed, must be considered.  It seems it will be the beginning of May for our return to Trinity.  No one knows for sure.  It is important to access your Trinity e-mails or hard copy mailings for all updates.

              TELCO has been postponed.  The next issue, assumed to be later in April, will be combined two-month edition.  There is no TELCO forthcoming this week as originally said.  The calendar is blank for April, there is little news to report.

            As of now, the church building is literally shut down.  Deb Martin is not there.  Pastor Willson is not there, but could be available is need be.  Deep cleaning will be completed on March 31.  HOWEVER, phone messages with requests and the daily mail will still be checked.    A team of volunteers, each with an assigned day, will stop at the church to check on the phone, mail, the building.  Thanks to Alice, Linda, Diane, and maybe some others.

              If you or anyone you know has a pastoral or other request, leave a message on the church answering machine. (593-3311)

              If an emergency and/or you don’t want to wait for the once-a-day phone check at the church, call anyone of these people:

·      Dick Kling   596-1259

·      Carol English  610-3622

·      Marsha Sick   593-3606 or 593-2606

  Pastor Ash’s Installation for May 3rd remains tentatively scheduled; however, some clarification has been requested of President Wicher as to whether or not this will happen on that date, and also the status of Pastor Ash with the possibility of a delayed installation and serving us prior to the official event.