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A New Minister -

Perhaps a Good Reason to Clean, to Refurbish, to Repair Our clutter is being holed out. Just like at our homes, we accumulate JUNK and more JUNK! And good Lutherans save everything. We forget what we have hiding in various nicks and crannies. The church has (now – had) many tired, old chairs – those with that woe-be-gone, stained, thread-bare gold fabric. Dave Pinney counts at least 20 partially full, mostly empty gallons of paint. It’s probably best to avoid the large refrigerator; it likely has leftovers from the March 15th Sunday Coffee Hour. Yikes !!!!!

Our messes are being gradually cleaned up – and out. Many thanks go to our energetic eager beavers. Mark and Diane, and Dave are having a good “go” at much of this. In front of the church, part of the wooden sign is being refreshened. Betty and Marvin have undertaken sanding, priming, and repainting the section for Pastor Ash’s name.

Dave is securing new letters. Eyeball that in-progress sign!

The long hallway now has a railing! The railing height complies with ADA code at a height of 36 inches from the floor. The front bathroom by Pete’s sound room has had a face-lift. The dirty old sink has been replaced. A new faucet also is in place. The walls have been repainted.