Council Highlights –

September 23rd

Regular Meeting


A lengthy and productive meeting took place with all council members present along with some congregational members.


Please know that all are most welcome at council meetings.


While Council Secretary Cathy Farwell is working on finalizing her pages of minutes (available soon) and with the TELCO deadline imminent, this is the “short version” of the discussed items.


• A letter from Council is enroute via “slow mail” to the congregation regarding certain issues, best described as being in the realm of communication.


• Resignations were accepted and with deepest regret from Brett Gallman, Rollie Duttweiler, and Marvin Wood. Until the end of this calendar year, these positions are temporarily being filled by Vice Chairperson Carol English, Elder Vice Chair Dick Kling, and Fran Lanphier as Financial Secretary.


• All boards presented reports. The treasury is healthy. There was a concern expressed over logging individual contributions, this for tax purposes; this recordkeeping is being worked on. Education chair Diane Vossler reported Sunday School is active, although, children needed. Dee Roeske is following her flock to the next age level. She is assisted by Liz Willson. Mary Alice Monroe is enthusiastically doing the confirmation instruction. Reports are available in the church office for anyone to read.


• The daycare has completely repaid the church for loan given earlier this year.


• Pastor is attending WAMA (Wellsville Area Ministerial Association) monthly meetings. Their September session was at our church. Our church will be site of the community ecumenical Thanksgiving service on Sunday evening, November 24th. Council wholeheartedly approved this worship service.


• The 2020 budget preparation is underway with each board evaluating and recommending their fiscal requests; all to be discussed at the October Council meeting.


• A nominating committee headed by Marsha Sick was established. Marsha needs two willing volunteers.


• The Call Committee will be meeting on September 30th under the leadership of interim Elder Chair Dick Kling. A packet of possible candidates has been received for consideration.


• A token of sympathy will be sent to Betty Kitzmann in the passing of her husband and our former minister Rev. Harold Kitzmann. October Council Meeting – Monday, October 28 at 7 pm All are welcome to attend and to participate. 





OCT 2019 T.E.L.C.O