Trinity Bulletin

~ Palm Sunday ~

April 5, 2020

On this glorious church festival day, we shout HOSANNA to He who comes in the name of the Lord.  What does Hosanna mean?  What are we saying to each to other?  Read on…
                                       --- ALONE is Not Alone; We are a CROWD ---

Our local theater is now advertising a new movie, “Social Distance.”  You say, a new movie?  Of course not.  The theater is closed.  Next door, the Hot Dog is mostly closed.  The library is closed.  We are hunkered down in our homes; hoping to stay healthy and safe.

We are alone or perhaps with just one or two others in our households; we miss the hubbub of the crowd of people – seeing people at the grocery store, being amongst others in church, going to McDonalds, going to a hockey game or to a movie.

So, let’s imagine ourselves shaking free of the lonely doldrums and being immersed in a crowd, the crowd surrounding Jesus on His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  This was a diverse crowd.  Some were there wanting to acclaim Jesus as King, others detesting him as a political revolutionary, others there out of speculation and curiosity, still others hoping he would free them from Roman oppression.

A crowd often has a mind of its own.  It can be like a giant tidal wave, carrying one away in a direction not best to go.  There were the crowds following Hitler, the slavery movement in our own country, the Communist movement; where are those crowds now? Gone.   It is easy to get caught in a wayward movement, one of hysteria where right or wrong becomes confused.  Yet, on the other hand, a crowd can be positive, one of celebration. When the Bills eventually win the Superbowl, we will join that crowd!  The crowd surrounding Jesus on that Palm Sunday was blessed. That should be our crowd!  It is right.  It is good.  It is us.

Jesus’ crowd held palms in their hands.  Palms, you ask?  In those days, it was a custom to honor a king, a way of showing respect and favor.  The people shouted “Hosanna” – a cry asking to be saved.  On our Palm Sunday, we continue this rite, waving our palms acknowledging our Lord and Savior and asking Him to save us; for we, too, loudly say with shouts of praise - “Hosanna.”


We may be huddled, all ALONE in our houses this Sunday, but we are a CROWD, each of us seeing the good qualities of being within and among a larger group of believers, each of us feeling and sharing support and compassion through God, each of us with the help of our Lord making good choices through His guidance.


We Will Walk With Each Other
We Will Walk Hand In Hand

And Together We Will Spread The News,
That God Is In Our Land

And They’ll Know We Are
Christians By Our Love, By Our Love;
Yes, They’ll Know We Are Christians
By Our Love!


WE Pray…

  • giving thanks for all those on the front lines, endangering themselves as they minister to those with the virus.  We pray for their safety and for their families.
  • for all are suffering with this virus and also for their doctors and nurses in caring for them.


  • for Dee Roeske’s granddaughter Morgan, who along with others at our local hospital has been exposed to the virus
  • that you, O Lord, watch over Ludwig and Craig as they heal


for those who are shut-in and in a nursing home facility, that they remain safe


Trinity Tidbits

  • According to our Eastern District President Wicher, thought is going into how to do our Installation service for Rev. Ash.  It is scheduled for May 3, but the virus condition puts this in question.  Dr. Wicher said other churches are facing the same concern and that the district and synod are working on a solution.  But he does guarantee us that Rev Ash will be here with us in May as our Pastor.
  • If anyone wants a printed, hard copy of the weekly church service, email a reply or contact Pete Carlin at 593-5884 or his email  Thank you Pete for doing this.
  • The Delitys’ report all is well with them, although Ludwig had hand surgery and is now doing PT.
  • Craig Martin broke his foot in four places.  We hope Deb is pampering him during his recovery.
  • Thank You, Alice, for taking in the mail and checking phone messages at the church.  Alice and the Vosslers have have lots of maple sugar bunnies waiting for your sweetening up.  If you want any maple products, call Alice at 593-1219.
  • Thank You, Dave Pinney, for checking on our building during this time.  Dave finally decided it warm enough to change the “too cold” sign in front of the church.  Look to see his latest messge.
  • A Palm Sunday Procession will be taking place on Sunday, April 5.  It will be a PARADE OF CARS from our parking lot around town.  No one will get out his/her car.  No one will be breathed upon.  Participants may place paper signs on their cars, tie on a balloon, honk their horns, and wave their palms.  We have 100 palms in the church refrigerator ready for this.  Come in and stay secure in your car, showing up a little before 10am.  Line up in the parking lot.  We will then roll around town, all of this lasting maybe 30 minutes or less.  You will be a pleasure to see our members and give each other a wave.  We This will be a unique way of letting the community know about Palm Sunday.  Log into Wellsville Regional News to see our advertisement.

For the month of April, we have no payroll expense.  Pastor Willson has graciously declined his salary, yet he is available if needed.  The same is true for Carole A and Deb.  There is no music, there is no weekly service with a bulletin to print.  The church is essentially closed at this time.  Volunteers are taking care of various tasks during this virus dilemma – and we thank them.  Alice is also tending to church contributions that come in and making a weekly deposit on Fridays at the bank.  Linda is taking care of any bills. Marsha and crew are making phone calls.  


To further offset this lack of consistent weekly income, please consider as is within your means something for a contribution.  You may mail to the church at 470 North Main St.  On Friday mornings, Alice will take care of all monies and go to the bank.


We all pray life will return to normal come May, but who knows……  In the meantime, we have a plan for April, and with your help, whatever you can do, all will be appreciated.  We thank you.







First Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church Palm Sunday Sunday of the Passion Sunday, April 5,

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