•Pastor Ash –Installation According to Synod/District protocol as said by President Wicher, Pastor Ash’s start date and rite of installation need to be rather close in happening. Therefore, for him to begin his ministry here as originally scheduled, the installation will happenon or about May 3. President Wicher said it will be brief, just the actual rite, readings, and prayers; and with only himself presiding, Rev Ash and his wife, and one congregational member. It will be videotaped because this is an important event for all to seeas soon as the video is edited and posted. At a future date, there will be a festive service and dinner.

•Pete is continuing to pull together and print hard copies of our usual Sunday worship bulletin. If you would like a copy, please contact him (593-5884) or reply to this email.


•Keep your church offerings rolling in. Mail to the church at 470 North Main. Alice is taking care of contributions every Friday morning










Third Sunday of Easter Home Worship

April 26, 2020