Church Chatter & Clatter

     One might think with no worship services at our church that all is quiet, the building locked, there is no activity.  WRONG!

      Masked people, spread six feet apart, have been conducting meetings and keeping the affairs of our church in motion.  Last Saturday morning, Council met. Financial reports were reviewed.  To everyone’s amazement, offerings are finding their way to the collection basket.  We thank all who are conscientious and praising God in this way.  The audio-visual duo, Pete and Kristen, are recording Pastor on Saturdays for your weekly worship.  The Daycare Board on Wednesday.  Elders are meeting Friday.  Pastor has moved into the Pastor office, well….sort of.  He needs a file cabinet – any nicely and gently used file cabinet out there needing a sacred new home?  Dave P continues to check the building for any issues.  He’s lowering our gas bill – turning down the temp. BRRR……Dave! 

     Beginning plans are getting in place for reopening for worship.  We are playing it safe, thinking June.  The daycare may also reopen pending numbers of children.  Extra careful precautions will be observed whenever the reopenings do happen. Daycare will be off-limits to the church, visa-versa for the church to the daycare.  More communication will come your way soon as Elders and Pastor finalize all this new protocol.


Pastor is “Pastor” ……………. As He Answers:  “What do I like to be called?”

     That is a question I am asked frequently.  Personally, I am not one for fancy titles.  A simple “Your Most Excellent Holiness” will do.  But seriously, there are lots possible titles used for clergy people of various faiths:

     What do I like to be called?  Although all the names above have some descriptive value, there is one I prize above all others.  Let me share with you a story.  The pastor who was my Vicarage Supervisor was named Duane.  He was called Duey in the vernacular.  I heard an aged parishioner once say to him, “You know, a lot people take great pleasure in calling you Duey behind your back.  But I always call you ‘Pastor’ because that’s what you are and have always been to me, my Pastor.”  Pastor, meaning shepherd, is a title that I can never truly earn, but one I am called to strive for.  If you can think of me in that way, I will be very blessed indeed. 
~ Pastor Ash ~

A New Pastor – A New Chapter in Our Church

Pastor Ash’s Installation on Sunday afternoon, May 3rd, was a time of God’s blessing enhanced by our excitement.

If you missed it, the actual Rite of Installation was officiated by Eastern District President Chris Wicher. He had a wonderful and encouraging meditation in which he offered appreciation for Pastor Bill Willson, motivational words to Pastor Ash, and a very positive recognition to our congregation.

(An editorial comment – Pres Wicher made us sound pretty good; now we must be worthy and step up!)

The video is available for watching through the church website.

The car parade with so many people and bell-ringing was a fantastic welcome for Pastor Ash and wife Melanie.

Thank you to all who participated.

Pastor Ash is at church most days, yet he is still settling in.

His office furniture didn’t fit on the moving truck, but there are four chairs if you want to stop in and meet him. He is somewhat shuffling between church and home, both Ashes working on unpacking lots of boxes at their newly purchased house. Eventually he expects to be off on Fridays.





Pinney, our acting Properties Person, has quite a “to-do” list.  The church needs a traditional “spring house-cleaning” - inside and outside.  The grass is growing and we need volunteers to bump along on our riding mower.  Contact Dave (610-7841) if you are willing to enjoy a nice afternoon on the church lawn. Weed-whacking and weed-pulling also need to be done.  Stop by anytime and tackle a few weeds.  The refrigerator and freezers need a good cleaning-out.  Hopefully a couple ladies will tend to that task.  We do have a habit of keeping outdated items.

Thanks to 7 Ladies for Stepping Up in their kitchens, cooking up a storm, and delivering meals to the Ashes.  Some of these ladies and some others have also been furnishing meals to others in our congregation.

Email addresses continue to surface and are being added to our list.  If you have one and use email, and have not offered it yet, please do.  Each weekly postal mailing costs 55 cents.  We are glad to do postal mail and realize for many this is the best and preferred way of communication; yet, email is an option if you use it.







Our Current Sunday Worship – WHERE and HOW


For this coming Sunday, we offer various ways to worship:


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If you want a DVD for viewing or a CD for listening, contact Pete at 593-5884 or Dick at 596-1259.  Arrangements will be made to get the CD or DVD to you.


As we trying to meet everyone’s needs for worship, it is really important to hear from you as to your preferences.  PLEASE reply to this email (choose “reply” rather than “reply to all”).  You may answer by question number and a letter response.  If you are NOT an internet user, call Dick or Pete – their numbers listed above.


We, your PR people, really need to know what works, what doesn’t.


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